We care about what we do


quality1At DUMATEX we have learnt to adapt to constant changes in the textile industry, and especially to the high demands from the automotive industry. This has allowed us to achieve the ISO 9001 quality certification that ensures the quality and the constant improvement of the company’s processes. Also, at DUMATEX we offer a high-quality product at very competitive prices on a European level, and this has helped us to become a reference.





Our warping process and qualityquality3

We guarantee the quality of all processes. Our control starts with the reception of the yarn, where the boxes are checked. 100% of the bobbins are checked when they are placed on the creels. Before starting production, environmental conditions such as humidity are always adjusted to adapt to the type of material. Our machinery is also ready to eliminate static electricity.
During the process, we check the tension on the yarn and supervise the perimeters and hardness of the beams once they’re finished. Our expert operators, with the support of specific technology, are in charge of supervising each step in the production chain to ensure we deliver top-quality products.





We have the technology to help us ensure the quality of our products, such as:

  • CamScan: Using a camera and a strong light, we check and guarantee the exact number of ends for each beam.
  • Warp Stop: This detects any possible shredded threads in the yarn and stops them entering the beam.
  • TensoScan: This measures the tension, thread by thread, during the warping process.
  • Controlador de perímetro: This automatically measures the perimeter of the beams to make sure they are as even as possible within the same group of beams.



Success stories


Our experience and knowledge on direct warping of all types of synthetic threads has showed us to develop solutions, together with some of our customers and the manufacturer of our machinery, for an optimum warping of very delicate and complex threads, such as Polyamide 8.5 dtex. We never give up and we always offer solutions and make suggestions to improve the process and, therefore, the product for our customer.
This has allowed us to successfully warp Polyester and Polyamide threads for our customers from 700 decitex to a minimum of 8.5 decitex.




Sale of yarn

We also sell top-quality yarn to meet the needs of our customers. All the yarns we sell have a dyeing warranty and are certified with the ÖKO-TEX ® Standard 100 to comply with REACH regulations.